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Digitize your old photo albums.

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Shoebox Scanning Service

If you???re like most other Alaskan???s you have a box of photos building up and hidden in your closet. Whether they???re old pictures of you as a child some years ago or your daughter playing soccer just a few years back they???ll be hidden forever if you don???t get them out of the closet and into a format that???s easier to work with.


Why spend hours, days, or even weeks at your computer getting frustrated at how long it takes to do just a few scans. Let Fairbanks Fast Foto do the work for you on our high speed scanner and while you???re out enjoying your day we???ll have your order done in no time at all.


Bring in your Shoebox of old photo???s and let us do the rest!

For high Speed Scanning we need pictures at least 2x3 up to 8.5x11. Larger or smaller pictures cannot be scanned through this scanner but instead have to be scanned on our professional quality flat bed scanner. Scanning charge for these scans is $2.00 each.


Pricing ??? High Speed Scanning

20-100 prints $0.60/scan

101-250 prints $0.50/scan

251-500 prints $0.40/scan

500+ prints $0.30/scan

CD $4.99 each

DVD $8.99 each


For scan jobs over 25 please put the pictures in same direction. For example, all portrait shots should be with the heads up. If you would like us to make ???direction corrections??? there is an additional charge of .10 cents per print. Please also put the pictures in the order in which you would like them scanned.

Photos must be out of Albums, have no glue, felt, tape, or plastic attached. Photos that are torn or badly misshapen will be scanned on our professional quality flat bed scanner at $2.00 per scan.


Relax and enjoy your day!



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